• Abbeymead Heating & Plumbing  now takes Bitcoin  (4/3/2017) by Michael Hayes - You can now pay with Bitcoin, its quick its safe and its cheaper if paying from abroad. Stay in control of your UK property controlling how you pay from anywhere. You can also pay with Master Card, Visa, and American Express. You can check my pricing at 
  • Wetrooms in Swindon  (3/5/2017) by Michael Hayes - Abbeymead Heating & Plumbing are making wetrooms in swindon more accessible to the elderly. We have noticed that this is becoming a more popular option for people of a certain age. This age group tends to pay too much for this than is necessary. It appears the quality can be poor and not the 5 […]
  • Silicone free wetroom. (2/23/2017) by Michael Hayes - This week I have fitted a wetroom for a customer. I have been working for this customer for 15 years. They’re now in their 80’s and it was time to have a wetroom fitted. They asked me to design the bathroom for them specifically for their needs and therefore being exactly what they wanted. Their […]
  • Covering you for Christmas  (12/24/2016) by Michael Hayes - Over the Christmas holiday Abbeymead Heating will call to excisting customers free of charge again this year  If Abbeymead Heating has installed your boiler and serviced it every year, regardless of how long ago  please call and  we will  repair your problem with no charge again this year. To thank my customers for there continued […]
  • First service Worcester Greenstar   (11/12/2016) by Michael Hayes - The  Worchester Bosch Greenstar 30 ERP is an amazing boiler, simple use of the latest technology means it will perform to the highest standards producing heat and hot water very cheaply with minimal impact on the environment. An unusually robust boiler with a proven background of years of service. I would think this product should […]