38 year plumbing in Swindon

With 35 years experience as a swindon plumber, offering plumbing services in and around Swindon, Wiltshire, Abbeymead Heating and Plumbing is able to offer you an outstanding service tailored to your needs from any small, simple job to full heating and bathroom installations, if you are looking for a heating and gas engineer then we are the people to call.
As an accredited Worcester Bosch installer we can offer extended warranty arrangements for up to 10 years. Being accredited Worcester Bosch installers means that we have back-up and guarantee programs from one of the worlds largest engineering companies. We are proud to be able to offer this service and peace of mind to our customers.
Michael Hayes,
Abbeymead Heating & Plumbing

Boiler service Swindon

Making sure your boiler is working to its upmost efficiency can save you money on repairs.

It can also make sure the installation is safe protecting your family. Having a boiler service cost £55.00, and comes with a report on the safety a gas

leak check and results. Also a flue reports and emissions check.

We use the latest technology to keep the cost down for you.

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Traditional plumbing

Historically lead work on houses was done by plumbers.
This was a job I did in the early 80s
Always use traditional methods to produce a long sustainable property.
Lead in construction will last for generations and so does copper.
Always demand traditional

Copper is better than PUSHFIT plastic

Heating systems and plumbing systems installed in copper last longer.

This is the traditional way to install plumbing and heating in the UK.

I’ve been working in the plumbing and heating industry since 1982,

So I have seen some changes.

I understand new builds have to use plastic push fit due to the non-traditional design of new houses.

The reason why push fit is not as good as copper is that they usually incorporate an O-ring made from neoprene which may become brittle and start leaking over time. Whereas copper soldered joints are a welded joint, stronger than the copper itself, unlikely to leak in a lifetime.

I have been fitting copper for 37 years, if you use copper it should last a lifetime.

Traditional Plumbing and Heating

Traditional Installation

Traditional Plumbing and Heating

Using only traditional plumbing and heating methods since 1982, fitting copper pipes with soldered joints, a proven method of installing plumbing and heating since the 1900s, this ensures your installation will last the lifetime of the heating system.

  • Copper piping and Copper fittings
  • Soldered joints and fittings
  • Underfloor installations
  • Proven technology
  • Felted copper over joists to prevent creaking
  • Gas Safe registered

We do not install plastic push fit plumbing as the life expectancy will not outlast the life of the building. Traditional methods have always been and always will outlive any modern methods. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss anything regarding plumbing and heating.

Felted Pipes

Secure Post-Installation Flooring

After installation of pipeworts, all floorboards are screwed down securely to the joists, so it is always accessible by a hand tools.

Secured Floors