Storm Emma – Frozen Condense – Rumbling/Vibrating Boiler Not Working

With Storm Emma hitting the UK, many house holds are finding that their heating is no longer working. The big drop in temperature caused by the storm may be the source of the issue by way of a frozen condense and it can be a simple fix.

If you have a frozen condense, your boiler may be making a rumbling or vibrating sound sound and then will go to lock out where a red light will come on and the boiler won’t start. You may see an error code or a flashing red light.

If you suspect you have a frozen condense, try the following steps to get your heating up and running again:

  1. Check that you have a condense – does the condense pipe go outside of the building?
  2. If it does, try pouring hot water over the condense until you warm the pipe up
  3. Do this at least 6 times and then try to reset the boiler
  4. To reset the boiler, press the reset button, or in some cases turn the boiler off and on (check your manual for instructions)