SWINDON landlords 

For landlords in Swindon We offer landlord reports at £ 55.00

As landlord, you are legally responsible for the safety of your tenants in relation to gas safety. By law you must:

You should also keep your tenants informed about their responsibilities while they are staying in your property.

Traditional Plumbing and Heating

Traditional Installation

Traditional Plumbing and Heating

Using only traditional plumbing and heating methods since 1982, fitting copper pipes with soldered joints, a proven method of installing plumbing and heating since the 1900s, this ensures your installation will last the lifetime of the heating system.

  • Copper piping and Copper fittings
  • Soldered joints and fittings
  • Underfloor installations
  • Proven technology
  • Felted copper over joists to prevent creaking
  • Gas Safe registered

We do not install plastic push fit plumbing as the life expectancy will not outlast the life of the building. Traditional methods have always been and always will outlive any modern methods. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss anything regarding plumbing and heating.

Felted Pipes

Secure Post-Installation Flooring

After installation of pipeworts, all floorboards are screwed down securely to the joists, so it is always accessible by a hand tools.

Secured Floors

Wetrooms in Swindon 

Abbeymead Heating & Plumbing are making wetrooms in swindon more accessible to the elderly.

We have noticed that this is becoming a more popular option for people of a certain age. This age group tends to pay too much for this than is necessary.

It appears the quality can be poor and not the 5 star quality they are paying for. With this in mind, we are feel standards can be much higher.

We offer a complete service from design to finish.

Silicone free wetroom.

This week I have fitted a wetroom for a customer.

I have been working for this customer for 15 years. They’re now in their 80’s and it was time to have a wetroom fitted.

They asked me to design the bathroom for them specifically for their needs and therefore being exactly what they wanted.

Their new bathroom will stay looking new for years.

There is no silicone used and with safety flooring this will make life easy for my customer.

Covering you for Christmas 

Over the Christmas holiday Abbeymead Heating will call to excisting customers free of charge again this year 

If Abbeymead Heating has installed your boiler and serviced it every year, regardless of how long ago  please call and  we will  repair your problem with no charge again this year.

To thank my customers for there continued loyalty over the years.

Merry Christmas 

First service Worcester Greenstar  

The  Worchester Bosch Greenstar 30 ERP is an amazing boiler, simple use of the latest technology means it will perform to the highest standards producing heat and hot water very cheaply with minimal impact on the environment.

An unusually robust boiler with a proven background of years of service. I would think this product should not fail if it has an annual service and is maintained correctly. I would expect to see a average of around 20 good years of service from this unit. In todays profit driven economy this is exceptional.

With this in mind,  I have built my business around my customers and the after sales service  with some insparational help from the team at Worcester Bosch sales. Their determination to offer quality over profit has given them a marketting edge and helped my business develop through the years.

​Brucie the hamster saves a family in Swindon.

I had a call today to remove a hamster from behind a fire at a house in Swindon.

A hamster called Brucie was behind the gas fire for 3 days. As gas safe registered plumbers in Swindon, we are required to check for gas safety.
I wanted to test the gas after removing Brucie. I found a very big gas leak unrelated to Brucie but it was a massive gas escape that would not have been found if Brucie had not got stuck behind the fire. Perhaps Brucie could sence danger? A build up of gas can cause an explosion. So the family are safe now and Brucie is back in his cage.
Well done Brucie you may have saved your families life.

Thanks for reading,