central heating Swindon

Central Heating Swindon.
Keeping your cental heating healthy will save you money.
Its easy to do; the following 6 steps are essential for the proper maintenance of your system:
1. Your boiler MUST be serviced by a gas safe registered engineer annually.
2. It is essential that inhibitor is added to your system for protection.
3. Every 5 years have more inhitor injected in to your heating system. Good engineers will make sure a record is kept with the boiler.
4. if your heating is drained make sure you have inhibitors injected in, and a record is added to your boiler.
5. if you have a dirty central heating system with sludge or bacteria perhaps treat the system and fit a filter.
6. Central heating filters can protect your heating but clean heating systems do not need them. Filters cost are from £50.00 to £150.00 depending on brand and usually, it would cost around £55.00 for labour to fit one
If your look after your central heating boiler and the system, it will last 20 plus years.
and save you money.