First service Worcester Greenstar  

The  Worchester Bosch Greenstar 30 ERP is an amazing boiler, simple use of the latest technology means it will perform to the highest standards producing heat and hot water very cheaply with minimal impact on the environment.

An unusually robust boiler with a proven background of years of service. I would think this product should not fail if it has an annual service and is maintained correctly. I would expect to see a average of around 20 good years of service from this unit. In todays profit driven economy this is exceptional.

With this in mind,  I have built my business around my customers and the after sales service  with some insparational help from the team at Worcester Bosch sales. Their determination to offer quality over profit has given them a marketting edge and helped my business develop through the years.

One thought on “First service Worcester Greenstar  

  1. Nice to see my boiler having its service since I wasn’t home and missed you on the day. Top job as usual, thanks Mike.

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