Nail in a pipe!

Pipe with a nail through it!

Pipe with a nail through it. Not something you hear every day, but it was my first job of the day in a new house in central Swindon. Builders put pipes behind walls to hide them leaving a nice aesthetic to the house. However this proves a problem to homeowners as it it impossible to see where the pipes are without a wall scanner. When a picture frame was put up, unfortunately the nail went into a pipe! Unluckily, the pipe was carrying water and gas which resulted in a leak. A lesson for all – always check before doing any type of D.I.Y or drilling holes in walls. The pipe was sorted out and left the very nice people happy with their heating working again, fortunately with no nails in any pipes. This just proves why it is important to check the walls for pipes before drilling any holes. However it is an easy mistake to make, which is why I have Bosch wall scanner which allows be to check for any pipes or wires in the wall. This is extremely useful hence I use it before I start any work in customers houses which requires me to get behind a wall in order to fix a problem.

Remember – D.I.Y. is great fun, cheap and an easy way to get home decorating done, however please be careful. It could lead you to pay for a callout to fix an even greater problem than first proposed!

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Scanner that found a nail in a pipe.