Traditional Plumbing and Heating

Traditional Installation

Traditional Plumbing and Heating

Using only traditional plumbing and heating methods since 1982, fitting copper pipes with soldered joints, a proven method of installing plumbing and heating since the 1900s, this ensures your installation will last the lifetime of the heating system.

  • Copper piping and Copper fittings
  • Soldered joints and fittings
  • Underfloor installations
  • Proven technology
  • Felted copper over joists to prevent creaking
  • Gas Safe registered

We do not install plastic push fit plumbing as the life expectancy will not outlast the life of the building. Traditional methods have always been and always will outlive any modern methods. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss anything regarding plumbing and heating.

Felted Pipes

Secure Post-Installation Flooring

After installation of pipeworts, all floorboards are screwed down securely to the joists, so it is always accessible by a hand tools.

Secured Floors