Wet Room Installations

Abbeymead Heating is proud to announce that we specialise in wet room installations with wet room safety flooring.

A wet room is a bathroom that has been specifically design such that the whole area is safe to become wet as specialist techniques have been used to ensure proper drainage, proper waterproof sealing and a safe flooring has been installed.

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High Quality Installation & Workmanship

With over 30 years experience in the Swindon area, Abbeymead Heating is proud of the quality of our wet room installations and we make sure that we use the best techniques to install wet rooms. This includes:

Welded Joints – traditional copper with welded joints and mechanical conex type joints.

No Push Fit O-Ring Plumbing

High Quality Silicone-Free Waterproof installation using only Waterproof Grout.

Safe & Leak Free

High regard to future maintenance – parts can be replaced in minutes, saving time and money.

Lasts for the life of the installation

Safety Flooring and Quality Drainage

Only traditional plumbing methods are used to ensure the highest standard of work and we are proud to say we do not use push fit oring type plumbing. We use traditional copper with welded joints and mechanical conex type joints. This makes the instalation safe and leak free as this method has been used for over 75yrs and will last for the life of the installation.

With a high regard for maintenance all the showers, ball valve and syphons can be replaced in minutes, saving you time and money in the long run.

With these techniques and quality standards in place, the installation will look great for a lifetime.

Easily Maintained

We want our work to last lifetimes, thats why when we install wet rooms we also take into account future maintenance requirements. This makes sure you can replace items such as the ball valve and syphons in minutes, saving you time and money and hassle!

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We can carry out a free quotation to see if it is posible for you to have a wet room fitted. Simply call us on 01793 700600 or use the contact form below.

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